Crochet “Kiffer” cover

June 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

My cats shed a lot, and they are also terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Since I don’t like floating tumbleweeds of cat fur, I’ve been relying even more on my duster-that-rhymes-with-Kiffer. Even though I’d been using the store brand disposable covers, the cost was adding up quickly.

So, I finally decided it was time to make a reusable cover, which I oh-so-creatively named in honor of my cat Kif. (Sorry Hermione, I’ll name something after you next. The Hermioniffer just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

It took me about two hours to make it, but I think I’m an average-speed crocheter. It’s also not too expensive to make – only $1.69 at Meijer for more than enough yarn, and it’s even cheaper if you catch a sale at wherever yarn is sold. Even better, this cover is  no-sew, my favorite kind of project. It’s cheerful and reusable, and hopefully will make your cleaning up a bit more pleasant. After you use it, simply wash with your regular laundry and hang to air-dry. I’ll be making a few more to always have one on hand for a quick cleanup.

Yarn: Lily “The Original Sugar ‘n Cream” 4-ply worsted weight 100% cotton – 2 ounces/56.7 grams – 95 yards/86 meters per skein

You will need less than one skein (~60 yards/50 meters total). Cotton yarn is pretty durable, and I plan on making some doodad cat toys with the leftover yarn.

Color: To coordinate with my duster-that-rhymes-with-Kiffer, I chose “Sunny Sky/Ciel ensoleillé.”

Hook: size H/8 or to match gauge

Gauge: 9 rows and 8 single crochet = 2 inches

Size: 10 1/4 inches by 5 inches

Crochet “Kiffer” cover

Ch 20

Round 1: Skip 1ch (count as 1 sc), 1sc into next and each chain until second-to-last ch, top loop only. In last ch, 3 sc into two loops of ch. 1sc into next and each ch of the foundation ch’s remaining two loops until second-to-last ch. 2sc into last ch, both remaining loops. (Note: you can sc over the tail formed by the initial sl st so you don’t have to weave it in at the end.)

Round 2-8: 1sc into next and each st (38 st) (use both top loops for entire st for remaining sc in pattern).

Round 9: 1sc into next and each st, turn (19 st).

Row 10-27: 1ch (count as 1 sc), 1 sc into next and each ch to end, turn (38 st).

Row/Round 28: 1ch (count as 1 sc), 1 sc into next and each ch to end. Ch 19. Sl st into first sc to form a ring.

Round 29-37: 1sc into next and each st to form second pocket.

Round 38: Invert pocket formed by rounds 29-37. Pull yarn through to prevent tangles. Ch 1. Close up round 38 by sc into each pair of 19 sc. Cut yarn and draw through final st. Weave in end.

(The companies mentioned in this post have no idea who I am. Yay legal disclaimers!)


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