Mystery yarn

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I found a ball of yarn and a test swatch for a project abandoned back in 2006. However, I couldn’t recall what on earth it was.

A good way to test if a yarn is synthetic or natural is light a match and burn a small scrap of the yarn. If it’s synthetic, the fibers will melt, and if it’s a plant- or animal-based fiber it will burn. In this case, I wasn’t sure if it was acrylic or wool or an acrylic-wool blend, but as the scrap refused to burn, instead crisping a bit on the end, I knew that it was wool.

Since it was wool, I was able to spit-splice the unraveled swatch back onto the unused yarn. Hooray! I actually used water though, as I don’t want saliva enzymes on the wool, potentially causing damage. Hot water from the sink works great.


My yarn stash

July 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

This isn’t a complete inventory, as I have certain yarns I’m not sure I’m keeping, plus some stashed in various inaccessible-for-the-moment places, but the yarn I’ve lately been finding projects for on Ravelry.

Some old, old Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick from back when I used to teach knitting at a summer camp.

Here’s the leftover skeins from this past winter when I crocheted a blanket for my mother’s Christmas gift. I think I might turn these into a laptop cover, because it’s nice and squishy.

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