My yarn stash

July 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

This isn’t a complete inventory, as I have certain yarns I’m not sure I’m keeping, plus some stashed in various inaccessible-for-the-moment places, but the yarn I’ve lately been finding projects for on Ravelry.

Some old, old Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick from back when I used to teach knitting at a summer camp.

Here’s the leftover skeins from this past winter when I crocheted a blanket for my mother’s Christmas gift. I think I might turn these into a laptop cover, because it’s nice and squishy.

Some (I use the term loosely) sock yarn for knitting a shawl from my favorite baby-patterns book, Vintage Baby Knits. I’ve never worked with this weight yarn before, and certainly never at the scale of 47″ by 47″. I may regret this…

According to Ravelry this Knitting Fever Whispers yarn is supposedly worsted-weight. I’m a bit skeptical but perhaps it’s meant to be knit or crocheted very loosely. Most likely I’ll turn it into a light scarf.

Debbie Bliss Chunky Tweed is seriously gorgeous. I love the rich chocolate color and how sturdy it feels. I fell in love with it an LYS. At first I was really excited because I thought it was from Iceland, but it’s actually from Ireland. Consonants can be so cruel. Anyway, it too will most likely be a scarf.

A lone skein of Sugar ‘n Cream. It will become another Kiffer cover.

More Fishermen’s Wool. I really like the yarn, except for its rather annoying tendency to be a bit splitty. So far I haven’t encountered any knots, which is a good thing, since apparently these skeins are a bit notorious for having lots of knots. Luckily, since the fiber content is 100% wool, I can spit-splice it, a new trick I learned about from the Jezebel group on Ravelry. This is going to be a wrap, modified from a pattern I found on the Lion Brand website. There are lots of free patterns on there, though of course they can also all be found on Ravelry too.

I think this is Bernat acrylic. Decently soft and since it is machine washable, I’m using it to make a teddy bear to donate to a charity for kids who need the help of the police. I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots left over though. Maybe I will use the rest to make a snuggle (pet blanket) to line an animal shelter cage. I also have some more generic acrylic that I didn’t take a photo of that will also most likely become another bear or some snuggles. Most charities prefer that knitting and crochet projects be made of something machine-washable and -dryable that’s also nice and soft. I don’t really like working with acrylic but if you have to use some, Bernat’s is probably the softest.

If you are looking for machine-washable wool, you have to either use Wool-ease (from most craft stores), or for 100% wool, try superwash wool. It is treated so that it can’t felt in the wash, and this merino superwash from Mission Falls is very soft. However, Ive heard that it pills pretty easily, but since I am going to be making stuffed animals with it at a very tight gauge, the chances of “pill-age” are reduced. Any soft yarn that’s prone to pilling is less likely to pill the tighter it is worked.

Some more Mission Falls 1824 wool. Using this and the above color for a lion stuffed animal. The body is in this creamy fawn color, and the mane is in the russet.

More Mission Falls, also from an LYS, but for an elephant. It’s baby season apparently, so I need to get going on my projects!

And a bit of black to make the faces. Not sure what I’ll do with the leftovers – maybe save to make more faces?

This wool is called Elsebeth Lavold Eucool. It’s been discontinued but I got it pretty cheaply at a discount chain called Tuesday Morning. It’s made from 75% wool and 25% eucalyptus fiber. I am not sure if the eucalyptus is basically turned into viscose or if the fibers are left more intact. Anyways, I like the way it feels – sort of like cotton. I hear it is prone to felting, but most yarns with a fiber content of 50% or more wool are prone to felting (there are some exceptions of course, depending on sheep breed).

This wool, called Ella Rae Mocha, is made from 70% Extrafine Merino, 15% Kid Mohair, and 15% Camel. Pretty cool, right?

Neither of these skeins is very much yardage but I think I should be able to squeeze out a skinny-but-long scarf or two. I’ve never worked with camel nor mohair, so this is extremely exciting.

And some lovely Pima cotton, spun in Peru and sold by Mirasol Yarn, called T’ika . Again, not too much yardage but I think maybe a baby shrug is doable.

This yarn is also discontinued. It’s made by Classic Elite and called Imagine, and its fiber content is 53% cotton and 47% rayon.

Mali enjoyed organizing the yarn stash and learning to knit!

Just kidding, she mostly glared at me anytime she heard the camera take a picture. Charming, huh?


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