November 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

Recently I was at an LYS (and then on Etsy last night), and I realized I kind of have an obsession with the color yellow lately. Granted, I like the Coldplay song, but that can’t be it.

So on Etsy I caved and bought some Wensleydale roving dyed gray and yellow with some natural cream, bought some sock yarn dyed gray and goldenrod yellow, and then this morning when I got up it dawned on me:


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§ 3 Responses to Yellow

  • Nicole says:

    I was over to The Woolpack in Acton yesterday and they had a color board by the front door with last fall’s “in” colors. I was really surprised to see that one of them was this yellow–like your tree–with which I’ve been obsessed all winter. I don’t have a lot of natural affinity for color, so I always feel a little like I just guessed right when I love something that turns out not to be ugly. I never wear yellow, but I bought a lot of yellow yarn this winter. It just looked so pretty and cheerful.

    • gugelhupf says:

      I can’t wear yellow at. all.

      This has not stopped me from buying it though. 🙂

      I wonder what’s on their spring board (if they’ve made it yet?), because I hear the color of the year is something called Honeysuckle, according to Pantone, even though I’ve never seen a pink honeysuckle plant in my life. They’re all…yellow (or white).

      • Nicole says:

        I’ve never seen a pink honeysuckle either, but it explains all the pink/yellow combinations I feel like I saw in yarn last season! Now I want to stop by and see if they did put up the spring colors yet. Maybe tomorrow. I have a skein of Stroll Sock in Golden Glow, and I was thinking it might look good on a blonde friend who wanted some Kingdom gloves. I wish I could wear it.

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