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I’m going to start blocking my first shawl. It’s “Terra” designed by Jared Flood (he of Brooklyn Tweed). I’m a bit nervous that it’s going to bleed when I rinse it, because it’s already getting quite late, even for me (it’s 4 AM), and I’d like it to dry overnight so that I can use my floor for its intended purpose: to walk on.

I had a terrible time trying to take pictures of it, but the shawl is actually a dark red color. I redid the color with a sepia filter in my editing program because it looked almost pumpkin-orange, but I wanted an in-progress shot for my ravelry project page. Yes, I’m a total dork.

Now that I have completed my first triangular shawl, I’ve been itching to design my own. I’ve got a few options of stashed yarns to try, but it’s more that I need to finish off these infernal gifts clogging up my “to-make” queue before starting yet another project.

Update: blocking complete! Now just have to let it dry overnight, which probably actually won’t take that long since the air is pretty dry during the winter here.


Houndstooth check cowl

February 20, 2011 § 5 Comments

As promised, a cozy cowl for cold days.

Of course, it was about 65 degrees outside yesterday, but I’ve been informed that there’s more snow on the way for today; we’ll see if I need a cowl or not. This is a pretty quick cowl to knit, so depending on your schedule you might be able to get it done within a few days, or before the end of winter! Best of all it’s a stashbuster, since you only need about 144 yards total, though I definitely had some scraps left over at the end.

The only tricky part to master is the houndstooth check stitch, explained below under the pattern’s notes section. It is an easy way to do colorwork once you get the hang of it, since there’s no stranding and no intarsia or anything like that. Worked in the round, this cowl will fly by – which is pretty cool, since I actually DID fly on a plane while knitting it.

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Sneak preview

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I blame my almost complete lack of creativity in the knitting/crochet skills department, instead relying on patterns the last few months to create things. But! I did manage to eke out a cool new pattern (and, duh, the actual item itself), AND it’s also a stashbuster!! I’m practically beaming at my own practicality. It’s quite embarrassing, really.

Stashbusting is a good thing. I tend to buy small skeins when I like the color/feel/look of the yarn, but mainly because I want to try out a certain breed of sheep or type of fiber. Also, when I’m feeling like some retail therapy, which I shamefacedly admit has been rather frequently these past few months.

In this case, I found the yarn for this cowl at Tuesday Morning last summer, before I really knew about LYSes and that sort of thing. Then of course I discovered Ravelry and tried fruitlessly to find the perfect pattern, but instead, the yarn, unlike me, patiently waited for the ideal iteration to appear in my head, and was then knitted…and then promptly left to molder for a few weeks since I kinda got distracted and forgot to bind off. Ahem.

Hopefully later this week I can get the pattern written up. I’m considering taking some photo tutorials because the stitch pattern is a bit tricky to grasp at first, though once I got it I was like, “That’s not so hard,” and I really think sometimes it’s those small successes, from learning a new stitch to designing a stylish cowl, that keep me coming back to knitting.

Well, that and the yarn…!

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