February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m going to start blocking my first shawl. It’s “Terra” designed by Jared Flood (he of Brooklyn Tweed). I’m a bit nervous that it’s going to bleed when I rinse it, because it’s already getting quite late, even for me (it’s 4 AM), and I’d like it to dry overnight so that I can use my floor for its intended purpose: to walk on.

I had a terrible time trying to take pictures of it, but the shawl is actually a dark red color. I redid the color with a sepia filter in my editing program because it looked almost pumpkin-orange, but I wanted an in-progress shot for my ravelry project page. Yes, I’m a total dork.

Now that I have completed my first triangular shawl, I’ve been itching to design my own. I’ve got a few options of stashed yarns to try, but it’s more that I need to finish off these infernal gifts clogging up my “to-make” queue before starting yet another project.

Update: blocking complete! Now just have to let it dry overnight, which probably actually won’t take that long since the air is pretty dry during the winter here.


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