Day 6: Something to aspire to

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is there a pattern or skill that you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant?

I haven’t yet run across any techniques or skills that, with dedication, I haven’t been able to learn, but I do have to say one trait I really need to work on is patience. I have started a broomstick crochet cardigan, but then reached a tiny bump in how to keep moving forward, grew annoyed, and then stuck it on the couch. That’s usually where WIPs get stashed, along with miscellaneous balls of yarn.

So basically, I aspire to finish a sweater/cardigan this year, maybe even two, considering I have enough yarn for two to three more sweaters than the cardigan already on the needle + hook (if that sounds weird, it’s because it’s broomstick crochet — it involves a crochet hook, and then also a large US 19 knitting needle to act as the broomstick, because actually crocheting off a broomstick handle might be kind of annoying). Oh, and I do have two huge shipments coming in of yarn for a large sweater and a crochet cardigan, because I have a Rowan problem. Organic cotton and British Sheep Breeds chunky. Lurrrrrve. Ahem. Yes. Sorry.

In terms of what I admire, I will admit that there are a few designers whose style I don’t particularly like, but whose projects are quite simply a feat of skill and persistence. Colorwork sweaters in particular I tend not to be that wild about (with a few, generally Fair-Isle-yoke, exceptions), but I take a look at my relatively simple sweaters in comparison and wonder, “Why can’t I finish a sweater sized larger than ‘six months’?” I’ve certainly knit long enough, in terms of time and yardage/meterage, to have knit a sweater. I just haven’t had the patience and persistence to do it yet. It might also have to do with the fact that I seem to have the attention span of a gerbil on speed.

Of course, that leads me to wonder about what makes anyone think s/he is a knitter/crocheter, a true one.

For me, clearly, it’s sweaters. In my world, knitters knit sweaters. For others, it’s socks: I’d like to knit socks, but socks in general don’t excite me that much, but for others, socks are IT. Other knitters churn out lace shawls like they’re butter. I knitted one but what truly motivated me was the desire to knit that specific shawl, and I’ve still yet to wear it. For other people, it’s learning new skills; the only part the finished object plays is being the thing onto which a skill was rendered. While I love to learn new techniques, I think mostly that will come in time, considering my style and preferences has populated quite a list of new techniques without my even trying. Perhaps I am more of an object-interested knitter than I thought, because really, if there were only one project in the world utilizing a technique, if that object were hideous (to my eyes, of course), I’d never make it.

For the record, according to my ravelry favorites list, I have 105 sweaters I’d like to make, or at the very least think are quite pretty. Happily, some of them are baby sweaters. Baby sweaters are doable. Sadly, a bunch of patterns I like, sweaters included, aren’t in the ravelry database yet, and so can’t lurk around in my favorites list. And then of course there are the sweaters I’d like to design (at last count three sketched-out ideas in the sketchbook), the sweaters that are coming out in magazines as we speak, the sweaters in Japanese knitting magazines that are out of print…


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