Day 7: Your knitting and crochet time

April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft?

I am not a one-project type of crafter. In fact, I am even able to begin stashing up for a craft I haven’t even started yet: machine sewing! A couple weeks back there was a sample at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts and so I bought the corresponding pattern, and then on Friday when I was back there again to buy eco-felt and fabric glue, I saw they were having a 99¢ Simplicity pattern sale, and so bought four more patterns. It’s what a group on Ravelry likes to call being “pre-process,” because we pre-processors don’t just like the process of knitting (or any other craft), but the planning and the anticipation beforehand. I do own a sewing machine, though. And have so far held off on buying the fabric, but that’s really only because the fabric stores around here aren’t as good as the one I love in Maryland.

Anyway, that means that I often have at least three projects on the hook/needle, and typically more, so I can tailor my project to my mood, my surroundings, and quite possibly even the tide. I usually have one simple-ish project to sort of carry around and that I can work on while reading forums and such online, or that I can set aside quickly if I have downtime while playing WoW. Simple hats and mittens work well because they just go around and around and around. Then I like to have something a bit more complex, such as the Red Velvet Cake shawl’s lace portion in particular (“Terra” by Jared Flood, really) that I can knit while watching Netflix. I also like these projects for the rare times I get to go to knitting groups and activities.

I also usually have a project lurking around that I’ll work on when I want some quiet time and can focus, though really it is more that I want to get the project done so I make myself sit and focus. I admit that I tend to gravitate toward simpler projects because I like to read or watch TV a lot of the time. It makes me feel like when I’m doing those activities that I’m being productive.

So, usually I’ll have on a show or movie and since I have nocturnal tendencies, I like to be awake and craft in the evening and at night. Some favorites to craft to are TV series because then I can watch a batch of episodes together. I like Top Gear (the UK one) and Mythbusters, and I am hoping to rewatch The West Wing as I bought the entire boxed set last November for the low, low price of $89 and free shipping thanks to the Thanksgiving sales at Barnes and Noble.

Generally with TV shows and movies I like anything that I would normally like to watch, though I have found that sometimes I have to pause a bit if I need to concentrate, especially with cooking shows (I like Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals and Jamie at Home in particular, and Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Kitchen), Top Gear, and Mythbusters, because the various numbers can interfere with counting.

Right now the cats are living with my boyfriend, but when they were here at my apartment I discovered they had a very irritating albeit catlike tendency to want to play with the yarn. Hermione in particular likes to bite the yarn and try and carry off with the skein. With center-pull balls this is particularly problematic because she can move very quickly and creates quite a yarn trail. Kif so far just stares at it hypnotically waiting to pounce, though he hasn’t attacked yet — I think it is a ploy to distract me, because generally when he does Hermione is on the move.


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§ 2 Responses to Day 7: Your knitting and crochet time

  • Nicole says:

    Ah-ha! There’s a name for my obsession with collecting yarn and assembling projects.

    The things I work while I read or watch TV are always the first ones done. That Sheldon blanket that someone called “death by garter stitch” is going to be done on time, God help us. It’s so relaxing to just knit row after row without looking, completely absorbed in a trashy novel!

    • says:

      I have been known to wander around my apartment thinking, “I have nothing to work on!” despite four or more WIPs glowering at me from the sofa where I chucked them! Usually my taste does align with what I tend to favor, crafts-wise. I also have made my fair share of baby blankets for babies who don’t exist. Maybe I should make the Sheldon one too, I added it to my faves when you first told me about it.

      The pre-process group can be found here:

      I got quite a kick out of the welcome message,
      ” * Is your queue longer than the one for Sock Summit registration?
      * Do you have more sets of needles/hooks than you do FOs?
      * Does your stash require its own postal code?
      * Can you hold your own in a debate on the best method of heel construction, even though you’ve never knit a sock (much less a pair)?
      * Do you spend more time enhancing your stash, planning future projects, and talking about knitting than you do actually knitting?

      If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you just might be a pre-process knitter (or crocheter!).

      Forget about startitis: pre-process knitters suffer from intend-on-itis.”

      I’ll fess up and admit to answering a tentative yes to four, and lately, five. Stress shopping 😦

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