Being realistic

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few days ago I cleared out my favorites on Ravelry, to get it down to a “reasonable” 496 patterns that I like. Some are inspiration, of course, but there are even more things I’d like to make that aren’t even on Ravelry and suddenly you can see why I have way, way, way too many favorites. Plus there are all the designs I’d like to create. And even if I could knit/crochet all these projects, honestly, I can’t imagine owning — or worse, storing! — around ninety sweaters.

However, Ravelry also has the queue function, with which I am MUCH stricter. I try to keep it down to 30 projects maximum, or one page. But sometimes I am not as strict as I would like, and I’ll directly start a project and bypass the queue. Sometimes I even do this with a project I haven’t started to work on. Generally gift-knitting is the most likely to spawn directly onto the projects page, probably in some misguided attempt to pretend I am more productive than I really am…

But anyway, earlier I went through my queue and removed three projects. They still live on in the favorites, but it did make me a bit sad to delete them. The odds are that new projects will sneak their way in and the formerly-queued will languish, unknitted.

However, by removing two cardigans I was able to add a beautiful pattern from Rowan 43, the lovely Gabi pullover in Kidsilk Haze. It would be my first laceweight project, and I think I’d learn a lot more than I would knitting a second or third cabled project, as much as I adore cables.

I also added a beautiful blanket that I WILL FINISH (I have quite a few partially-finished blankets languishing back home, it’s embarrassing). It’s a log-cabin — well, half-a-log — and is in all-garter. I consider it my farewell-to-the-Midwest blanket, since all the yarn is made in Michigan at a small mill, Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Their worsted/aran-weight Shepherd’s Wool is one of my favorite yarns, and even though it is sold in Alexandria, Virginia at a very charming yarn store not too far from where I’ll be moving, I will forever associate it with my very favorite yarn store here. Since taking this shot I added in a new color and had a very fun conversation on Ravelry about the Shepherd’s Wool palette. I think if I work on it when I don’t want to focus on a pattern stitch I should be able to get it done quite quickly.


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