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Frankenmuth part two: Bronner’s and the Cheese Haus

June 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland!

This is a Bronner’s trashcan, which I am assuming translates to “garbage” though when I used Google to verify that, for Vietnamese it translated NOI BO ROC as “internal spam” and for the Swedish SOPPOR, “soups.” Finally for Portuguese, LIXO produced “garbage.” Just another reminder that google translate isn’t putting all the translators out of business quite yet.

I first visited the Silent Night Memorial Chapel. It’s a replica of the original chapel in which Silent Night was first performed, and which still stands in Austria today.

On the left are signs with the lyrics of the song translated into a LOT of different languages (the signs continue around to the other side of the building and each sign has twelve languages on it). Last time I was there, about ten years or so, there was a little sign up in the chapel itself asking for translations if anyone noticed a language s/he knew that wasn’t represented, but there isn’t a sign requesting that anymore, so either someone is tired of making new signs, or tourists who speak, like, Old Norse aren’t visiting Frankenmuth. Or it is possible that I didn’t notice the sign this time, spending more time giggling at the guest book comment describing the chapel as “very touchy.”

Bronner’s is so huge it has two entrances, the south entrance (which I selected because it’s nearer the chapel), and a west entrance too. There are a lot of Santa Clauses at Bronner’s, which specializes mostly in the American version of Christmas.

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