Black Friday

November 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today a relatively local yarn store, Fibre Space, had a Black Friday sale that I decided to go to so I could buy a sweater’s worth of yarn for my aunt. She is definitely knitworthy and is a fan of crunchier, rustic-y wools (we both love to rant about how people are too obsessed with softness over durability when it comes to sweaters — we must be so fun at parties), so Brooklyn Tweed Loft is perfect for her. I bet she’ll love that it’s milled in New England, because she’s lived in the Boston area for most of her life. As it is a gift, I may actually feel a bit of pressure to — don’t laugh — actually finish a sweater. It helps that my aunt is barely five feet tall and the sweater she wants is short-sleeved.

Initially I was going to get up before the sun and get a 30% off discount, but then it dawned (ha!) on me that I wouldn’t be able to stand in line, purchase yarn, and drive back before our after-Thanksgiving brunch commenced around 8:30 this morning. So, I decided I’d go after brunch, and stick with a 10% off discount on both yarns and patterns.

My mom and sister, after brunch was over and our guests had departed, decided they didn’t have anything better to do and hopped in the car for some yarn shopping, never mind that my sister doesn’t know how to knit, and my mom rarely knits. I attempted to deter them; I mumbled about how it might be boring and that I thought my sister was going downtown today, etc. Nope, didn’t work, so off we drove to the store, with me wondering if it was going to be extremely awkward. Mostly they meandered around the store, admiring the colors and generally not embarrassing me. Only once did they act scandalized at yarn prices until I pointed out that most of the yarn they were looking at (The Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn, I’ve given three skeins as gifts) is hand-dyed by a woman in Baltimore. Then they were all, “Oh, that’s not that much, think of all the hard work she does,” so at least they understand the value of handmade, and thankfully their cooing meant I didn’t have to mention I have some of my own (purchased a while back): whew!

While it was sort of nice sharing an aspect of one of my hobbies with my mom and my sister, I think I prefer to shop alone or with knitting friends. It’s a lot less fun shopping for yarn when I’m worrying that my shopping companions are growing bored, though perhaps it’s better for the stash to have frugal family hovering nearby. Unfortunately they weren’t around later when I, ahem, found a bookmarked thread on Ravelry entitled “Black Friday Yarn Sales” that led me to Eat.Sleep.Knit, their devious and successful marketing ploy for surprise discounts, and Madelinetosh chunky…the cat was around though, so she’ll reprise her role this year as family Santa and is helpfully gifting me the yarn for Christmas.

She has good taste; in addition to Madelinetosh, she also likes rare breed wool, and has a fondness for expensive blue cheese. Thanks, Mali!


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§ 4 Responses to Black Friday

  • meg says:

    MMMMmmm. Rustic tweedy perfection! I have yet to see any of the Brooklyn Tweed lines!

    And what a good cat you have – she knows EXACTLY what you want!

    • k.m. says:

      It is unbelievable to see all the Loft colors together. Like a tweedy palette of happiness. When you come down in May I hope we can make a side trip to Alexandria so you can see the colors. Even after MD S&W I think it’ll be worth it!

  • You’re right….non-knitters just don’t comprehend the gushy, ooooing, and “feel this…..look at this……aren’t these colors luscious…..” that we knitters do in any yarn shop. And the Brooklyn Tweed is in the luscious category!

    • k.m. says:

      My mom and my sister were squooshing the skeins around; I think my sister wanted some turquoise yarn…but for ME to knit for her.

      I told her she’ll have to wait a bit more 🙂

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