The grand adventures of my bunny nugget

January 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last April, I spent a fun afternoon knitting a bunny nugget with my friend Meg (a.k.a. Nepenthe of The Yarn Laboratory) at my favorite LYS. Bunny nugget is made from lovely Michigan-spun Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool, doubled up and knit with US 6s. So he’s a bit of  a stash-buster; I estimate the bunny used up about fifty yards. You may be wondering why I am writing about him now, in January. It is because I am a neglectful knitter, having waited too long to buy him some eyes.

Once I finally purchased some it was too late and almost time to move home, so the poor bunny, stuffed in a moving box, was neglected for many months, hauled across half the continent, and then wasn’t seen until sometime in December, without the eyes I’d purchased for him and that I could’ve sworn I stuffed inside him before packing him away. You’d think that that would be the end of it, but somehow I still managed to lose the bunny nugget again, until finally rediscovering him lurking in a half-finished sweater’s bag on Thursday; for a bunny with no legs he sure hops around a lot.

Today I made sure to take some great pictures of the poor dear. Considering his past, I am contemplating pinning him to the wall and calling him a Valentine decoration — he is a pink bunny so it’s seasonally appropriate!


Old Town Alexandria and fibre space

January 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Two weekends ago I started off the new year right: I went to a yarn shop and I managed not to buy any yarn (well, kind of, as the fiber I bought can also be knit up if desired). As it was such a lovely day out (sunny, not too cold, and not too windy), I took the metro down so I could knit on the train, and then walk around Old Town.

Typically when I go to fibre space I end up driving because someone wants to come along (like my sister and my mom in November, or my mom in December so we could buy a gift certificate for a friend who knits), but this time I wasn’t in a rush; in fact, I rather relished getting out of the house and just enjoying the Metro ride — when it’s not crowded it really is a lovely ride, especially on the yellow line going across the Potomac River.

Fortunately I learned that the shop isn’t too far down King Street in Old Town Alexandria from the station, and that as always, Old Town is extremely charming and beautiful, with brick sidewalks and buildings, cute little boutiques, and plenty of historical details on the buildings.

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I need some cheese

January 8, 2012 § 9 Comments

I try to be a good person; I volunteer, I recycle, I don’t fantasize too much about having the superpower to set fire to slow drivers with my mind. But some things are just not to be borne. Here I present a list of my latest gripes:

1. People who tell me to “not go to too much trouble” in terms of knitting: “why not a plain hat? Why cables on the sweater?”

Look, if I wanted simple, I’d do simple. I’m almost a quarter-century old, I have figured out by now that some things are more complicated than others. Just say if you like it or not when we look at patterns, and trust that I won’t suggest anything I wouldn’t want to make. Otherwise, if you keep implying that you’re not worthy of knitted gifts…well, I might start agreeing.

2. Related: NO ACRYLIC.

Stop suggesting it (and you know who you are!). I don’t like the stuff in general (there’s one exception, but I keep that close lest people misinterpret it as “she likes acrylic!!!”) and if I’m going to sink time into something, I want to not hate everything that is good in this world the entire time I’m working on the project. There are lots of easy-care and baby-friendly wools out there, especially in the field of superwash, many of which reside in my stash…the very stash you tell me I should knit from more. I am not breaking cold sheep to buy even the nicest acrylic.

3. Finally, I detest the stupid blinkers on the van in front of me the other day. I loathed the tempo at which they blinked at me. It was insipid and ghastly, and please driver, for all our sakes, reset it to a dignified pace. I wished for either my superpower, or at least the ability to knit while driving!

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