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February 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

For Christmas this year I knit my sister a hat from the most recent issue of Interweave Knits Accessories, the Arabesque Beret by Amanda Scheuzger. This past weekend I finally got to see the hat on my sister, as I finished it only a few hours before she was heading back to Philadelphia last month. Amusingly, the hat was still being blocked when it was time for her to leave; the hat was transferred from my plate to my sister’s plate when it arrived in Philly, and the original plate brought back.

The yarn is my workhorse worsted favorite, Shepherd’s Wool (in garnet) from Stonehedge Fiber Mill. (I also have enough of another dyelot to knit myself a cabled cape-pullover from Rowan, which at some point I will get a chance to knit. Someday…)

The hat looks great on her, and she loves the color. When I said how nice it looked on her, my friend S (who came down from NYC to hang out with me and a bunch of our friends last weekend) roared with laughter, noting that my compliment to her on how flattering the hat was also was indirectly fishing for compliments to me! He did admit that both wearer and knitter were correct in our assessments of the hat, however.

While in Philadelphia, S and I went hunting for Loop, which is located roughly south of Rittenhouse Square. The shop is gorgeous and filled with wonderful yarns, including Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed, Rowan, madelinetosh, MillaMia, and more. As I am currently riding the cold sheep, I forbade myself from buying any yarn, but I did spot a lot of gorgeous Rowan pattern books, and ended up leaving with “Holiday Crochet,” “Nordic Tweed,” and “City Retreat.” One day when I am no longer stash-busting (rather unsuccessfully, I might add, but anyway), I plan on going back and getting some yarn, but in the meantime I’ve been gushing over the gorgeous Rowan patterns.

In more exciting news, only a few hours after I left Philly she and her boyfriend got engaged!

They want to get married in October, and as every knitter knows, that’s Rhinebeck time. Fortunately my mom told my sister that, and hopefully they will get married on the weekend after Rhinebeck. My friend C isn’t so lucky, her brother and his fiancĂ©e chose that weekend and so she will be unable to go this year, though my Michigan knitting friends are all tentatively scheduled to come visit in May for Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Anyway, last year my sister’s now-fiancĂ© got a scarf from me for Chrismukkah and expressed enthusiasm, so I am contemplating maybe knitting something for their wedding gift, perhaps pillows or something else house-decoration-y.


Womp womp

February 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am inexplicably bummed that the Patriots didn’t win because I fully expected them to, having maintained a lead through most of the game. It’s especially disappointing since they’re my uncle’s team, and he would really like them to finally win the Super Bowl while watching the TV he bought the last time we thought they were going to win the Super Bowl. At least he got to watch Boston win the Stanley Cup last June, so that’s something. Actually, upon further reflection, it turns out that maybe it isn’t inexplicable that I cared who won the Super Bowl; I am apparently even more competitive than I thought!

To wallow in my competition-induced misery, I am meandering around, eating oatcakes and poking the cat, who is surprisingly not interested in eating the Stilton I offered her; last time I bought it she went crazy trying to get at the cheese and only stopped after I crumbled her some to munch.

I think I will wrap up tonight knitting my shawl design to something soothing, like cooking shows, to calm my adrenaline-fueled nerves. Either that or I’ll end up scouring indie yarn stores’ inventories, feverishly planning out Patriots-themed projects. Which we all know would be bad, because a) I don’t need more yarn and b) my boyfriend would be peeved: he’s a Washington fan!

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