Womp womp

February 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am inexplicably bummed that the Patriots didn’t win because I fully expected them to, having maintained a lead through most of the game. It’s especially disappointing since they’re my uncle’s team, and he would really like them to finally win the Super Bowl while watching the TV he bought the last time we thought they were going to win the Super Bowl. At least he got to watch Boston win the Stanley Cup last June, so that’s something. Actually, upon further reflection, it turns out that maybe it isn’t inexplicable that I cared who won the Super Bowl; I am apparently even more competitive than I thought!

To wallow in my competition-induced misery, I am meandering around, eating oatcakes and poking the cat, who is surprisingly not interested in eating the Stilton I offered her; last time I bought it she went crazy trying to get at the cheese and only stopped after I crumbled her some to munch.

I think I will wrap up tonight knitting my shawl design to something soothing, like cooking shows, to calm my adrenaline-fueled nerves. Either that or I’ll end up scouring indie yarn stores’ inventories, feverishly planning out Patriots-themed projects. Which we all know would be bad, because a) I don’t need more yarn and b) my boyfriend would be peeved: he’s a Washington fan!


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