Super swap part one

April 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

My very first swap through Ravelry has gone swimmingly — er, hopefully not literally (I paid for air mail) as my second and final package makes it across the North American continent and then the Pacific Ocean on to New Zealand.

For my swap package #1, I went to Northboundknitting to pick out spinning fiber, settling on Wensleydale, for my swap partner to try out. I figured since Wensleydale sheep aren’t super common in New Zealand, their wool would be fun for her to try out, plus NBK does gorgeous colors. However, since New Zealand is an island with unique flora and fauna, they have very strict rules about incoming things that might destroy their environment, so to be sure that I wasn’t going to initiate an ecosystem disaster — my AP/IB Environmental Science/Systems teacher would be so proud! — I over-zealously followed the rules and ordered fiber direct from the commercial producer. Plus, that way I wasn’t having to pay shipping to me and then on to New Zealand, even more environmentally and economically efficient!

Anyway, while I was working on part 2, my swap partner was busy making me loads of lovely things, and assembling others (Cadbury chocolates! a rap cd!). She made me a cute crochet kiwi (apparently they’re not very common in the wild, most New Zealanders have actually seen kiwis at the zoo),

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April 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

Before re-procrastinating on my aunt’s still-not-quite-complete sweater (seaming is a pain), I volunteered to test-knit a gorgeous cowl, Serrate, by Lisa Mutch. Lisa is a super-talented designer and dyer, and she’s really kind and helpful too.

I opted to use stash yarn (insert virtuous glow here, not that using Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Snowbound and Soot is such a hardship) and followed the instructions exactly. I’ve wrapped-and-turned before, but admittedly it’s one of those things, like kitchener, that always makes me paranoid about the surrounding instructions. I feel like if I have to look up the technique, I’m going to be distracted by focusing on that and other problems might not get spotted, but with Serrate, there are no issues, just trust the instructions and your cowl will turn out perfectly.

I calculated that 10% of all my projects (posted on Ravelry so far) are cowls, so obviously I’m kind of predisposed to liking them, but this one is a cowl with a bit of edginess, the triangle adding both knitting and stylistic interest.

Fortunately after a few really warm weeks, the cooler spring temperatures I prefer returned, and I can now wear my cowl two weeks after completing it without looking like I’m delusional from wool fumes.

Hopefully the weather will keep on being this nice for Maryland Sheep and Wool, as I don’t think my plans of finishing a lightweight spring cardigan in cotton are going to come to fruition any time soon, and I might be forced by knitter pride to wear wool on May 5th and 6th.

Suddenly, April

April 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s already April, I haven’t finished a single winter sweater for me. I am almost done with my aunt’s sweater, I’ve determined that I hate seaming and I haven’t even attached the sleeves yet. I’ve only done the shoulder seams so far, and it took TWO HOURS to sew three inches! Suddenly, I really understand the appeal of seamless top-down construction.

April 1 was awesome though, Blizzard (a video game company famous for such titles as World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft) always does great April Fool’s jokes; this year one of them mentioned knitting!

I think that’s what my boyfriend hears when I talk about knitting!

Speaking of delayed projects, I am now nearly eight months behind on my boyfriend’s R2D2 hat. Once I finish these adorable yet slightly belated mittens, the Traverse mittens by my friend Meg, I promise to finally finish his hat. I am knitting both the mittens and the hat using stash yarn, the ever-versatile Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.

They’re insanely warm thanks to the stranding and very easy to knit too. Plus: stash yarn is being used up!

My cold sheeping has been, um, not too successful. But I am slowly weeding out the awful yarns, so at least the quality’s gone up. The charity knitting last month got to the bottom of the stash strata, which is an accomplishment in itself… for which I rewarded myself with more yarn at Homespun Yarn Party two weekends ago. So worth it though!

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