Super swap part one

April 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

My very first swap through Ravelry has gone swimmingly — er, hopefully not literally (I paid for air mail) as my second and final package makes it across the North American continent and then the Pacific Ocean on to New Zealand.

For my swap package #1, I went to Northboundknitting to pick out spinning fiber, settling on Wensleydale, for my swap partner to try out. I figured since Wensleydale sheep aren’t super common in New Zealand, their wool would be fun for her to try out, plus NBK does gorgeous colors. However, since New Zealand is an island with unique flora and fauna, they have very strict rules about incoming things that might destroy their environment, so to be sure that I wasn’t going to initiate an ecosystem disaster — my AP/IB Environmental Science/Systems teacher would be so proud! — I over-zealously followed the rules and ordered fiber direct from the commercial producer. Plus, that way I wasn’t having to pay shipping to me and then on to New Zealand, even more environmentally and economically efficient!

Anyway, while I was working on part 2, my swap partner was busy making me loads of lovely things, and assembling others (Cadbury chocolates! a rap cd!). She made me a cute crochet kiwi (apparently they’re not very common in the wild, most New Zealanders have actually seen kiwis at the zoo),

an adorable hat and mitt set that I am also going to test-crochet when she gets the pattern written up,

and the most amazing CAT SCARF. YES!

Now, I admit to having a weakness for cats wearing outfits, but this scarf is probably the most fantastic thing ever, Kif LOVES his scarf (Hermione humored me, but I could tell she’s really not a feline fashionista).

Kif preened for attention even more than usual while wearing it and even tried to bite me when it came time to remove it (the cats only wear clothing while supervised for safety reasons, both their own and the clothing items’). Kif only gets bitey when he’s happy, which admittedly is a lot, but still, a very lovely compliment to the scarf’s creator.

Doesn’t he look dapper?

So far my one and only swap has been a success. I can see why so many people love to participate in them, the highs of creating and receiving lovingly curated packages in the mail is definitely one of life’s great pleasures. However, due to how much work I put in, and I’m sure that my partner put in, I probably won’t be joining another swap for a while. I think I want to savor this one for a bit more, though I might have to hide the Cadbury’s from my dad.

Once I’ve heard that swap package #2 made it to my swap partner (estimated time of arrival is one to two weeks), I’ll share some pictures of what I mailed to her. While I loved receiving my swap package, I’m actually more excited about her reaction to part two, including the handmade item, and so nervous that she’ll like it all. At least I know she liked the first portion, so that’s a 50% success rate right there!


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