Super swap part two

June 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

Finally I can now share the details of what I sent to my swap partner! Actually, to be completely honest I could’ve posted a few weeks ago, but I’ve gotten bogged down in other things, most notably schoolwork (ugh) and work work (ugh ugh).

Anyway, the package I sent over personally (as the first one was direct from Northboundknitting with Wensleydale spinning fiber in it) contained two different kinds of chocolates — one type filled with peanut butter and the other with mint cream — a copy of Crochet Today! magazine (I believe it was the March/April issue), a mix cd filled with some of my favorite songs, and this stuffed bunny.

The pattern I chose is from the book Small Animal Amigurumi 動物たちのちいさなあみぐるみ by Izumi Sasaki ささきいずみ. I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton because with very few exceptions I don’t like to use acrylic, and I had to choose a fiber that wasn’t animal-based, due to New Zealand’s strict rules to protect their islands’ ecosystems. While many on Ravelry disliked how the yarn is prone to shedding and pilling, I didn’t mind it so much because I was crocheting so tightly. The yarn did sort of fluff up a bit, but in a nice bunny-like way, so I hope it remains somewhat durable.

My swap partner mentioned in a message to me that her kids love the bunny, and she wanted to know if I had designed it myself, or if not, where I’d gotten the pattern, and I figure this might be good information for others, since most LYSes don’t tend to carry these books (Woven Art in East Lansing, Michigan has some, though not this one specifically). The book can be purchased online through, but to be honest it’s probably a lot easier to find it on Etsy through some of the craft book resellers there. The two resellers I’ve purchased from have been excellent, so hopefully if you’re also looking to track down a copy of this book you can locate it. Alternatively, if you live near a Japanese bookstore, such as Kinokinuya, they might have a copy in stock.


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