Campaign for Wool with the British Wool Marketing Board

October 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

About a month ago on Ravelry I discovered the British Wool Marketing Board was having a giveaway to celebrate the Campaign for Wool and Wool Week. To spread the word about the benefits of British wool and breeds, the BWMB is giving away 100 copies of their fantastic book British Sheep and Wool and 100 packs of felting wool.

The book, at least in the US, is only available from a few retailers, so receiving it for free is really an exceptionally generous offer. The book describes briefly over sixty breeds of sheep that can be found in Britain, with gorgeous full-color photographs.

Many UK Ravelers of course entered, but no one really knew if it were possible for someone outside the UK to receive a copy of the book. With nothing to lose except a few moments of time entering in my contact information, I went for the book option.

Sure enough I got an email saying that my book was on its way, and in 22 days (the estimated time for UK entrants was 21 days, so I was impressed) my book had arrived, along with some excellent sheep-y goodies with which to spread the word about British wool.

I received not only the book, but also a great promotional kit that also included an adorable sheep notebook, a pen, a postcard of Dorset sheep on the move, a bumper sticker, and of course more reasons to use British wool than you can shake a sheep at (or, uh, a knitting needle is probably more realistic).

Coincidentally at work on Monday I’d been reading studies using Dorset sheep, so the postcard was quite timely.

As of today, I think there are still a few more felt packs and British Sheep Breed books to give away, so do click this link to claim one for yourself, as it is the first hundred for each who receive the pack. I didn’t receive anything for this blog post, I just wanted to pass on the knowledge that those in the US (and I suspect elsewhere outside the UK) can in fact receive at least the book! Update, 4 November 2012: the books and felt kits have all been claimed! I hope you were able to receive one if you put your name in.

(If you would prefer the felt pack, check before ordering it if wool products can be imported to your country. In my experience, clearly-labeled customs forms should allow commercially processed wool into the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand, but I can’t make any promises.)


Is it November yet?

October 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

So so so ready for this month to be over. Not that it hasn’t had its highlights — my sister’s wedding was gorgeous! — but my goodness was it  a lot to get done. Working 11 hours a day for way too many days and then also madly knitting a shrug? WORST IDEA EVER.

(The picture above was taken a week after the wedding, because it was night and the pictures in the reception hall came out exceptionally dark with my poor little point-and-shoot.)

However, I was really pleased that I did manage to finish it, because it got quite cold in the reception area. Kidsilk Haze is warm, even with big lacy holes in it, which I added on Friday night when I was panicky by the end and switched to US 11s for the “lace” edging. It turned out really well I think, since as a general rule I don’t really wear lace, though I admire the skill that goes into it.

Still, I think I’ll be happy to never repeat this experiment again, because even with really slippery needles, Kidsilk Haze is just not very quick to knit. It wouldn’t hurt to not have major work and school deadlines at the same time too!

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