Is it November yet?

October 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

So so so ready for this month to be over. Not that it hasn’t had its highlights — my sister’s wedding was gorgeous! — but my goodness was it  a lot to get done. Working 11 hours a day for way too many days and then also madly knitting a shrug? WORST IDEA EVER.

(The picture above was taken a week after the wedding, because it was night and the pictures in the reception hall came out exceptionally dark with my poor little point-and-shoot.)

However, I was really pleased that I did manage to finish it, because it got quite cold in the reception area. Kidsilk Haze is warm, even with big lacy holes in it, which I added on Friday night when I was panicky by the end and switched to US 11s for the “lace” edging. It turned out really well I think, since as a general rule I don’t really wear lace, though I admire the skill that goes into it.

Still, I think I’ll be happy to never repeat this experiment again, because even with really slippery needles, Kidsilk Haze is just not very quick to knit. It wouldn’t hurt to not have major work and school deadlines at the same time too!


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§ 2 Responses to Is it November yet?

  • Nicole says:

    Oh, lovely! I know what you mean about KSH. I loved the way it looked and projects I saw knitted in it, and then I got some and tried and realized it was serious pay-attention knitting. Not as much time for that as I’d like!

    • kristina says:

      Thanks! I totally agree about the concentration part – it’s definitely more time-intensive even though I don’t have to look at my hands or anything. I think it’s because there’s no wool, so no “give” to it, which really slows things down.

      It is SO soft though, guests kept wanting to pet it 😉

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