Crafting resolutions 2013

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment


Not sure why I bother, since I am about as capable at keeping resolutions as I am at turning into a cat, but it’s worth a shot right?

1. Craft more! Which is to say, stop wasting time on Ravelry looking at things I want to knit and JUST GO KNIT THEM.

2. Knit more for myself. I’ve got so much in my queue that I want to make and frankly, not everyone needs a hand-knit gift every Christmas. Make it more like a rare treat they treasure, not something they expect – or simply put, make sure demand is higher than supply! However, I did make a few handmade gift items, just things that were a little faster to make, such as my sister’s new card wreath.

3. Destash more.

4. Weave more. I love my loom and I want to actually, you know, have those scarves at some point to wear.


6. If I do buy yarn, make sure it’s actually a sweater’s worth, since I really want to get cracking on sweater projects this year. Over 75% of my queue on Ravelry is sweaters/jumpers/cardigans/other garments.

7. Keep branching out to more crafts. I’ve started cross-stitching recently and really like it. I received a sewing class from my sister and my new brother-in-law for Chrismukkah. Should be fun to finally learn how to machine-sew. I also got a book on crewel, since I used to love embroidery as a child.

8. But try new knitting things too. I’m taking a class at the end of January with Nancy Bush on Muhu knitting traditions from Estonia. Even better, it was paid for through stash I sold off in November and December.

9. Finally get around to publishing some designs. Still learning how to use my new camera and then I have to learn InDesign and improve my Photoshop skills, but otherwise everything is ready to go.

10. Save up my pennies for a knitting machine and a spinning wheel. My boyfriend keeps saying he wants to go to New Zealand, and maybe I could get one there if we go this year? As for the knitting machine, I think it would be fun to learn another knitting-related skill. Also, I have visions of it using up stash that I’ve accumulated for simple stockinette pullovers, which I hear knitting machines excel at doing.


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