Quilting: the new frontier

June 19, 2013 § 2 Comments

quilt bindings and backings

I LEARNED TO QUILT!!!!1!!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!eleven!!!!11!!!!!!

The “prints” in knitprints comes from my formerly-secret yearning to be someone who sews. For some reason sewing, or more specifically machine sewing (because I used to have a weird embroidery habit that my sister mocked), has always seemed way more impressive than knitting. To young me, knitting was something you could teach a five-year-old with a short attention span (that would be young me) but sewing was for grownups who could be trusted with expensive, delicate machines that churned out doll dresses, costumes, toys, dresses, and quilts.

Anyway, so I took a sewing class way back in January thanks to my sister and her husband springing for a lesson for me as a Christmas gift (yes, I have since forgiven her for the embroidery-mocking). I think when you’re a kid time works funny because I remember my mom making a quilt in a day, although looking back it actually didn’t take a day and I was probably deluding myself despite constantly trying not to do that because I was hyping myself up.

baby quilts

So I had this grand idea that I could make a baby quilt in a day, so one weekend equals two quilts. Well, it didn’t quite work out like that but after about a week and a half two quilts sit folded nicely, waiting for my sister to hand-deliver them to the twins’ parents. During that ten days I somehow purchased the materials for three more quilts. But at least I didn’t buy yarn? I did start the cutting and piecing for my next quilt and I can’t wait to share pictures soon once I finish the top.

But back to the current quilts’ details: they are fraternal twin quilts for fraternal twins. I used some fat quarters cut into 6.5″ squares, plus some additional yardage to get the required number of squares (also I wanted more lions in the quilt). Then I quilted with teal thread for an additional pop of color. The bindings and backings are opposites. All fabrics are by Robert Kaufman and the batting was the nice 100% cotton made in the USA stuff from the local quilt store (which is fantastic and the only thing I hate about it is that it is so close by, because at least my favorite yarn stores have the decency to be 550 and 25 miles away, respectively).

my first quilts


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