A new spinning wheel

September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

schacht matchless spinning wheel

Sometimes I think half the fun of crafting is getting NEW TOOLS (well, toys may be more accurate). So I present the newest member of my tool flock, a Schacht Matchless DT! It was made on August 28, 2013 and arrived about two weeks ago directly from the Schacht factory.

I ordered the wheel through my friend’s shop, Woven Art. While spindle spinning is fun, wheel spinning is so much more enjoyable for me, mostly because I really don’t enjoy winding yarn onto the spindle. Also, with work, school, and exam studying taking up so much time recently, I’ve been gravitating to simpler projects where I can just relax and enjoy the process.

So far I am working on just getting to know the wheel in double drive (the way it arrives from the factory) by spinning up plain, undyed fibers. I’ve almost finished spinning 5 ounces of Romney from Maryland Sheep and Wool, and hopefully soon there will be time to ply it.


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