A tree skirt

December 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

hexagonal tree skirt

I finished something before it was needed! Wooo! It’s a hexagonal quilted patchwork tree skirt for Christmas. We’ve never actually used a tree skirt before, we always used a gracefully wadded-up white sheet swathed around the base of the tree. It kind of looks like snow, especially when covered in presents.

This year, and from now on, we have a dedicated object for our presents to hang out on, which makes me feel very happy in the Martha Stewart portion of my brain.

hexagonal tree skirt

Anyway, so just before Thanksgiving I was reading Modern Patchwork from Interweave, designed by Angela Pingel, and saw the most darling tree skirt ever and I was like, “Self, I should MAKE THAT.” So self and I went shopping online and ordered a layer cake of Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake Christmas fabric, and then I stopped talking to myself in the third person and industriously sewed like crazy until it was finished.

I bought the binding and backing fabric from Hawthorne Threads, except then I realized how much I liked the backing fabric, and how much it made me sad to put it on the floor. So instead a green Ikea flat sheet took its place, and the gray scallop fabric can be used to back something else (that isn’t going on the floor).

quilting and fabric close-up

It was a lot of firsts for me:

  • cutting out fabric on the bias before sewing (I didn’t starch and it was fine)
  • using a layer cake (ok this was very easy, as I hoped, because I love pre-cuts)
  • using my new 1/4″ foot (it’s great!)
  • sewing non-90 degree angles on binding (surprisingly not much info on this online)
  • using the machine to sew on the binding (not too bad and very fast!)

quilting close-up

Overall the process went pretty smoothly. At first I planned on using my new walking foot to quilt the quilt sandwich, but by the time I got around to quilting this thing last week, my patience was sort of running out. So, after testing out my current fabrics in a mini baste-sandwich, I decided that it worked really well to do what I already knew, and thus I quilted this not with a walking foot nor with a free-motion foot. The quilting police did not show up.

The tree skirt did take longer to sew than anticipated (of course, it’s always that way), so it’s covered in presents now. Good thing we leave the tree up through Epiphany!

machine binding


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