Deep sea swamp thing

February 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

deep sea swamp thing scarf

My WIP pile is getting out of control (well, more than usual), so I finally got around to tackling it, by adding fringe to a woven scarf. (Never mind the four WIP quilts and six WIP cardigans and jumpers…)

I called this scarf the Deep Sea Swamp Thing because that’s the name of both the colorways used. The yarn is a New England-spun and -bred Tunis intended for sock knitting, but I liked it woven. Dan, the owner of Gnomespun Yarn, helped me pick out colors at Rhinebeck this past fall, where the yarn debuted.

deep sea swamp thing scarf edges

Since I am not a sock knitter, the next project for the leftovers will probably be for a hat. I’m not particularly sensitive to wools, especially when it’s cold, so I think it’s perfect for many fingering/4 ply applications, but if you’re really sensitive do note that Tunis will never be as soft as Merino.

Here’s Deep Sea:

deep sea tunis yarn by gnomespun yarn

and Swamp Thing:

swamp thing tunis yarn by gnomespun yarn

I also particularly liked the reds so eventually I hope to get a skein or two of those colors for a similar scarf.

This one was woven on my Cricket loom with a 12 dent reed, using the teal as the warp and the forest green as the weft as I was inspired by some Oakshott shot cottons that I’ve been hoarding in my quilting fabric stash for quite a while.

I once read that there are two types of weavers: those who play with texture and those who play with color. In knitting I’m definitely more fascinated by texture, so I guess it makes sense that in weaving, where I often work with variegateds that are fussy knit up, I work more with color. It’s possible that one day, when wool mountain (a.k.a. my stash) has been conquered, I could become a texture weaver.

woven tunis scarf


Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

This past weekend was my very first trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool, despite having lived within an easy half-hour drive of the festival my whole life. But those were the dark ages for me, when I thought yarn only came from craft stores and I never thought to check on the internet.

Despite the title of the festival, there aren’t just sheep at MDSW, there are alpacas

and goats too.

Much like Rhinebeck in October, I had a blast! This time was much different in that I went with family, not friends, and it was rather unpleasantly warm, so no FO wearing, but I did manage to buy some yarns and fibers, mostly the latter, see a lot of sheep, and drink some birch beer.

We also enjoyed watching BFL being herded by Border Collies. The sheep were very patient and the dogs were clearly having a great time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fiber festival without yarn and fiber, so I did manage to buy some yarn at Cephalopod Yarns, Dragonfly Fibers, and The Verdant Gryphon. Only a small amount, because I did get quite a bit from each at Homespun Yarn Party a few weeks ago (related: why do they have HYP in the spring? It would make so much more sense in the fall).

I also made sure to stop by the booth at which Gnomespun Yarns was vending (sadly the “gnome” himself could not attend), where I picked up some Whitefaced Woodland top in two different colors. I also swung by Wool Out of Wales, as at Rhinebeck they were all out of fiber, and only had laceweight. Fortunately since MDSW is at the start of the show season, or close enough, I was able to get some Black Leicester fiber.

Also, I took a lot of pictures of sheep. It turns out that sheep, for the most part, are completely uninterested in posing for the camera, and thus the pictures ended up quite blurry. Really I just need a better camera too, but here’s a Soay investigating my camera

and then finally calming down long enough so I could take a picture.

And watching people groom their sheep was quite fascinating too. Look how glamorous this one is!

My highlight of the day was the talk given by Sue Blacker of The Natural Fibre Company, Blacker Yarns, and Blacker Designs, of which I will talk about in my next post (this one would be exceptionally long if I combined them). Prepare yourself for lots of sheep talk!

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